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Anna et Louis Les élections présidentielles


1)  Why does Louis no longer think he'll vote for Taubira?

  • he prefers another candidate
  • he thinks she doesn't have much of a chance
  • he's not going to vote at all
  • he doesn't agree with her politics anymore

2)  Anna stumbled upon a rally for which candidate?

  • Christine Taubira
  • Marine Le Pen
  • Jean-Luc Mélenchon
  • Valérie Pécresse

3)  Who did Anna recognize at the rally?

  • Louis
  • her friends
  • a musician who used to play in the subway
  • a blind man who plays piano in the subway

4)  Why is Louis stressed?

  • he doesn't know who to vote for
  • he doesn't want to vote
  • he doesn't like any of the candidates
  • he's worried about the outcome of the elections

5)  What was Anna doing on the Canal Saint-Martin?

  • attending the rally
  • walking around with friends
  • having drinks with friends
  • eating dinner with friends