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For detailed instructions on how the controls and each button works, click on the help icon above.

Touch anywhere to exit tutorial and play the video
Tap to Repeat/Back
Swipe left to Repeat/Back - - - - - - Tap to Play/Pause Swipe right to Forward/Skip
Tap to Forward/Skip
Playback Controls
Play Video
  • Click
  • Click in the middle of the video
  • Space bar
Pause Video
  • Click
  • Click in the middle of the video
  • Space bar
  • Click  once to repeat the current caption or repeatedly to go to previous captions of the video.
  • Click on the left side of the video.
  • Back Arrow 
  • Click  once to go to the next caption.
  • Click on the right side of the video.
  • Forward Arrow 
Loop Caption
  • Click  to repeat the current caption of the video.
  • To stop looping, click again.
  • Up Arrow 
  • Hover on   to show the speed options for the video, 50%, 75%, 100%
  • Click on one of the speeds to slow down the video.
  • Toggle between 100% and slow speed by clicking on  
  • Down Arrow   toggles speed
Standard/Theater Mode
  • Click   to toggle between Standard mode and Theater mode.
  • Standard mode has the captions below the video.
  • Theater mode has the video expanded with the captions embedded in the video.
Fullscreen Mode
  • Click   to toggle Fullscreen on/off.
  •   F or   /  Key toggles Fullscreen
Transcript Show/Hide
  • Click  fr to toggle transcript on/off.
  • Comma key  ,  toggles transcript on/off
Translation Show/Hide
  • Click   to toggle translation on/off.
  • Period key  .  toggles translation on/off
Other Players Controls
Listening Games
Click Games and choose from one of the interactive listening activities.
  • Click to toggle open and close.
Help Menu
  • Click to open the Help Menu.
  • Click to toggle the bookmark of the current video.
  • Click to view comments for this video.
Settings Menu
  • Click to change Player settings.
  • You can change the size of the text and the translation language.
Video List
  • Click to view other videos associated with the current video.
Touch Shortcuts
  • Tap video in center
  • Swipe Left OR Tap Left Side
  • Swipe Right OR Tap Right Side

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Click the button to toggle on/off HD video. Blue means HD is on. Gray means HD is off.
HD Quality AUTO
Click the button to toggle on/off automically replaying this video after it ends. Blue means Auto Replay is on. Gray means Auto Replay is off.
Auto Replay
Click the button to show/hide tooltips on the video control buttons when you hover it. Blue means tooltip is on. Gray means tooltip is off.
Tooltips on Buttons
Click the any of the text size to increase/decrease the size of the captions text. You can choose from 60% to 140% of standard text size.
Text Size
Extra Small 60%
Small 80%
Standard 100%
Large 120%
Extra Large 140%
Click the any of the options to change the translation language for your captions. If there is no translation language avaialable for the current caption, it'll say 'Not Availabel.'
Translation Language
Not Available
Choose a time to make it the default countdown time to autoplay the next video at the end the current video.
Video Autoplay Timer
0s 3s 5s 10s
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Caption: 123 / 456
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Extr@ - Ep. 1 - L'arrivée de Sam - Part 1
Difficulty 1/5 France

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