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Alessandro Di Sarno visits a wine festival, a flea market, the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a men's beauty parlor, a craft fair, and much more in his man-on-the-street interview series from Cap 24.

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Cap 24 - Alessandro Di Sarno au Salon des vins et vignerons

Difficulty: difficulty - Intermediate Intermediate


Alessandro visits a wine festival with his breathalyzer to make sure that nothing more than some innocent dégustation (sampling) is going on. Some of the people he interviews fail the test, but one expert claims it might not be that accurate to begin with!

Cap 24 - Découverte d'un restaurant parisien

Difficulty: difficulty - Adv-Intermediate Adv-Intermediate


Come inside this fabulous restaurant and bar in Paris’s 19th arrondissement and see what the chef is preparing and the bartender is mixing. Just don’t watch this one on an empty stomach!

Cap 24 - Paris 2ème : Alessandro joue le Pique-assiette!

Difficulty: difficulty - Advanced Advanced


Alessandro becomes a pique-assiette (freeloader, literally "plate-stealer") for a day with his friend Marc Antoine who takes him to rue Montorgueil in the second arrondissement of Paris. What's the big attraction? Friendly shopkeepers give out free food and wine samples daily.

Cap 24 - Les grandes gueules et leurs recettes, vu par Alessandro

Difficulty: difficulty - Advanced Advanced


Viewer Discretion Advised

Alessandro visits with some chefs on the occasion of the launch of their book, "Les Grandes gueules et leurs recettes" (Big Mouths and Their Recipes). They take their profession very seriously and are perfectionists like the famous Vatel, King Louis XIV's chef, who was so distraught when a seafood delivery was delayed that he ran a sword through his stomach. Modern chefs need to keep their sense of humor. They are, thankfully, no longer at the mercy of a powerful king, but the Internet can be just as unforgiving.

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