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Length: 4:11

Corneille - Comme un fils

Difficulty: beginner French Country: France Category: Music

After finding early success in his native Rwanda in ’93, Corneille was forced to flee his country. “Comme un fils” (“Like a Son”) is representative of his soul roots and affinity for emotional melodies.

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Length: 2:12

Canadian Chocolate Seller - Chocolats

Difficulty: intermediate French Country: Canada Category: Interviews

Montreal is famous for hockey, but who cares about hockey when you can have chocolat? Edith Gagnon, owner of La Maison Cakao, shows us the magic behind her charmants chocolates.

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Length: 4:19

Fanny & Corrine parlent de la mode - Tendances du printemps

Difficulty: intermediate French Country: USA Category: Travel

Learn how to always be “à la mode” from Fanny and Corrine. These lovely ladies take us on a tour of some NYC fashion hot spots to tell us all about what’s hot in the springtime.

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Length: 2:56

Voyage dans Paris - La Tour Eiffel

Difficulty: intermediate French Country: France Category: Travel

Though the Eiffel Tower used to be called, somewhat derisively, “the metal asparagus” by many Parisians, today it’s one of the most iconic and adored structures in the world. Here we get expert tips: on the best views, the best time to go, and what to see in the Tour itself.

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Length: 2:34

Melissa Mars - Mozart, L'opéra rock

Difficulty: intermediate French Country: France Category: Interviews

How many singers do you know who could pull off a dress made of origami? Melissa sparkles in renowned director Olivier Dahan’s rock opera full of glitter, color, costumes, and music that shines just as brightly.

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Length: 3:27

Mon Lieu Préféré - Place Édouard VII

Difficulty: intermediate French Country: France Category: Documentary

Sometimes the best places in a city are the ones that no one knows about. In this video, Sophie shows us her favorite secret spot in Paris, the Place Édouard VII. Make sure you get there before it becomes a tourist trap!

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Length: 3:59

Il était une fois - les Explorateurs - 10. Amerigo Vespucci

Difficulty: intermediate French Country: France Category: Documentary

It's back to the past, with the Once Upon a Time series. How did America get its name? Take a trip back to Renaissance Italy in this first episode of The Explorers to find out.

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Length: 2:22

Margaux et Manon - Magasin de chaussures

Difficulty: intermediate French Country: France Category: Comedy

Margaux and Manon are playing shop. Margaux is the lucky customer buying shoes and Manon settles for second best, playing the shopkeeper. Now you're all set to go shoe shopping on your next trip to France!

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Length: 4:55

Le Québec parle aux Français - Part 1/11

Difficulty: advanced French Country: Canada Category: Documentary

In the first episode of this documentary on Quebec, a young Frenchman shares his impressions on Canada. As the interviewees in the film demonstrate, the Quebecois have conflicting attitudes toward the French—some see them as "snobs," while others see them as just "polite."

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Length: 3:36

Lionel L - Loi travail: Suite et fin

Difficulty: advanced French Category: News

A very unpopular labor law caused Parisians to protest near the Bastille before it was passed in 2015. President François Hollande invoked Article 49-3 of the Constitution to force this law through. The protests continued after the law was successfully enacted in 2016. For more information, you can visit the Nuit Debout and Convergence des Luttes websites.

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Length: 3:16

Le saviez-vous? - Les pronoms possessifs

Difficulty: beginner French Category: Lessons

In this video, Patricia introduces possessive pronouns (mine, yours, his/hers, etc.). Be sure to check out her previous videos on possessive adjectives to gain a better understanding.