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De nouvelles découvertes avec Marion - La Bastille

Difficulty: intermediate French     Length: 3:12     Accent: France

Marion, our guide, takes us to Place de la Bastille (Bastille Square), where the old Bastille fortress was stormed during the French Revolution. The guillotine was installed on the square for a very short time, but was nevertheless the site of a whopping 75 executions. Nowadays, the square hosts some much less sinister events, such as the Bastille Day (French national holiday) celebrations and the annual Gay Pride Parade.

Le Québec parle aux Français - Part 2/11

Difficulty: advanced French     Length: 4:16     Accent: France, Canada

In the second episode of "Le Québec parle aux Français," we learn more about the complex relationship between the French and the Quebecois throughout history. We also learn about the evolution of the French language in Quebec—according to a former Prime Minister of Quebec, the province even "spoke French before France"!

Cap 24 - Les bus sont-ils toujours en retard ?

Difficulty: intermediate French     Length: 2:13     Country: France

Even the bus drivers will admit it: Parisian buses have a tendency to run late. But the drivers aren't to blame, since they're hindered by car traffic like everyone else. Luckily, the interviewer in this video has some "good humor patches" to soothe any frustrated straphangers!

Il était une fois - Les découvreurs - 9. Galilée - Part 6

Difficulty: intermediate French     Length: 3:11     Accent: French

Galileo is about to throw caution to the wind and reveal his startling discoveries about planet Earth.

Le Québec parle aux Français - Part 1/11

Difficulty: advanced French     Length: 4:55     Accent: France, Canada

In the first episode of this documentary on Quebec, a young Frenchman shares his impressions on Canada. As the interviewees in the film demonstrate, the Quebecois have conflicting attitudes toward the French—some see them as "snobs," while others see them as just "polite."

Ferme de la Croix de Pierre - Les chèvres

Difficulty: intermediate French     Length: 2:59     Country: France

In the second episode of Ferme de la Croix de Pierre, the goat breeder gets all warm and cuddly with one of her baby goats, which become like plush toys when bottle-fed. She'll teach you all you need to know about caring for these adorable animals.

TV8 Mont Blanc - Visite de la chapelle de glace de Leysin

Difficulty: intermediate French     Length: 1:33     Accent: French

A former bobsled champion created an ice chapel in Leysin, Switzerland. As you might expect, this unusual place of worship is only available during the cold winter months. If you're interested in visiting, make sure to do it before it melts away!

Il était une fois - Les découvreurs - 9. Galilée - Part 5

Difficulty: intermediate French     Length: 3:06     Accent: French

In part five of this episode on "The Discoverers," Galileo is warned. His belief that the Earth revolves around the sun is sacrilegious. Giordano Bruno, who claimed this fact, was burned as a heretic by the Inquisition Tribunal.

Lucette - La confiture d'abricots

Difficulty: intermediate French     Length: 4:49     Country: France

In this video, Lucette teaches us how to make some delicious, homemade apricot jam. She also skillfully recites an apricot-related tongue-twister!

Oldelaf - Le Crépi

Difficulty: intermediate French     Length: 4:10     Accent: French

Oldelaf turned his abhorrence for rough stucco walls that scrape your skin into a funky song, "Le crépi" (Stucco).

Voyage dans Paris - Beaubourg et le Marais

Difficulty: intermediate French     Length: 2:48     Accent: French

Daniel Benchimol walks us through a fun neighborhood in Paris: Le Marais. It's a great place to visit, with the Beaubourg Museum (also known as the Georges Pompidou Museum) and distinctive medieval streets.

Il était une fois - Les découvreurs - 9. Galilée - Part 4

Difficulty: intermediate French     Length: 2:45     Accent: French

In part four of this episode on "The Discoverers," Galileo, now a reputable scholar at the University of Padua, proceeds to make a telescope out of lenses with the help of his instrument maker, Marc'Antonio. In this cartoon, an attempt is made to explain Galileo's discoveries.

Lionel - à la brocante

Difficulty: intermediate French     Length: 3:33     Accent: French

Lionel takes us to an Alsace flea market and unearths some shopping gems: old vintage postcards painted by a student of Picasso, a set of tires, a few saucepans, and a makeup kit that he buys for his four-and-a-half-year-old daughter, or so he claims...

Salon Eco Habitat - La peinture à l'ocre

Difficulty: advanced French     Length: 4:42     Accent: French

How would you like to learn to make your very own ochre paint? Jean-Michel and Stéphane will share their recipe, which is not unlike crêpe batter. While the paint may not be fit for human consumption, it's non-toxic and extremely durable.

Ferme de la Croix de Pierre - Les lapins

Difficulty: intermediate French     Length: 3:27     Accent: French

Have you ever wondered where the wool from your luxurious angora sweater comes from? At the Ferme de la Croix, a lovely lady breeds angora rabbits and goats on her farm. She explains the shearing process and how she cares for her pets. We learn that one rabbit can yield forty balls of angora wool every hundred days. That's a lot of sweaters!

Il était une fois - Les découvreurs - 9. Galilée - Part 3

Difficulty: intermediate French     Length: 3:04     Accent: French

Episode nine of this series focuses on Galileo, a prolific inventor and scientist. He discovered the principle of the simple pendulum motion, very useful in the measure of time and later in the making of clocks.

Cap 24 - Alessandro Di Sarno au Salon des vins et vignerons

Difficulty: intermediate French     Length: 2:31     Accent: French

Alessandro visits a wine festival with his breathalyzer to make sure that nothing more than some innocent dégustation (sampling) is going on. Some of the people he interviews fail the test, but one expert claims it might not be that accurate to begin with!

Geneviève Morissette - À propos de la musique

Difficulty: advanced French     Length: 3:29     Accent: French Canadian

Meet Geneviève Morissette, a singer-songwriter from Montreal whose smart lyrics and beautiful compositions make her stand out on stage.

Salon Eco Habitat - Boisdicy, l'isolation écologique

Difficulty: intermediate French     Length: 3:04     Accent: French

In this video, a representative at an ecology trade show presents some innovative building materials that are eco-friendly and will allow you to save some money on your energy bills. These materials are made out of gypsum cellulose and are used for insulation.

Il était une fois - Les découvreurs - 9. Galilée - Part 2

Difficulty: intermediate French     Length: 3:03     Accent: French

In this video, a young Galileo gets one of his first revolutionary ideas on how to measure time. Pretty impressive for a fourteen-year-old, huh?

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