Le saviez-vous?
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Patricia has a wealth of knowledge about French grammar, vocabulary, literature, culture, history, and more, which she shares with us in her series Le saviez-vous? (Did You Know?)

La Cigale et la fourmi
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Le saviez-vous? - La Cigale et la fourmi - Part 1

Difficulty: difficulty - Adv-Intermediate Adv-Intermediate


Patricia recites one of Jean de La Fontaine's most famous fables, "La Cigale et la Fourmi" (The Cicada and the Ant). After spending the entire summer singing instead of storing food, the cicada is starving come winter. She hopes her neighbor the ant can help her....

Le saviez-vous? - La Cigale et la fourmi - Part 2

Difficulty: difficulty - Intermediate Intermediate


Patricia sheds a new light on the renowned fable by Jean de La Fontaine, "The Cicada and the Ant." Maybe the cicada isn't such a bad character after all....

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