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Ça te dit?

At the end of our last lesson, we introduced the question ça te dit (or ça vous dit), which literally means "does it say/speak to you," but is mostly used as an informal way of proposing something to someone. It's more or less equivalent to the English phrase "what do you say":


Du coup, je propose un apéro ce soir chez moi, dix-neuf heures.

So I propose an aperitif tonight at my place, seven p.m.

Ça vous dit?

What do you say?

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But ça te dit can be translated a number of other ways too, depending on its position in the sentence: 


Alors, ça te dit?

So, are you interested?

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Ça te dit qu'on aille boire un thé?

How would you like to go have some tea?

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At the beginning of a sentence, ça te dit can precede either que or de. But be careful: the phrase ça te dit que requires the subjunctive, as you can see in the example above (qu'on aille). Ça te dit de, on the other hand, simply takes the infinitive:


Ça te dit d'aller boire un thé?
How would you like to go have some tea? 


Ça te dit has another meaning too. If you're not sure whether someone is familiar with what you're referring to, you can use the expression to double-check:


Non. Je connais pas Saguenay.

No. I don't know Saguenay.

-Bien, voyons, le fleuve, tout ça...

-Come on, the river, all that...

non, ça te dit rien?

no, that doesn't mean anything to you?

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C'est situé dans le huitième arrondissement; je ne sais pas si

It's located in the eighth district; I don't know if

ça vous dit quelque chose, mais voilà.

that means anything to you, but there you go.

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Ça vous dit de regarder de nouvelles vidéos sur Yabla? 


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